Serofia is a small company with great ambitions. Serofia’s consultants have long experience of working with companies in development, production, services and more.


We provide consulting, education and analysis to help our customers becoming more efficient in their product development by learning more about for example modularization.


Companies put a lot of time and money into educations where the remaining feeling is “Well, the food was good”. With Serofias concept you will remember what you experienced. You will try different ways of working, compare them and draw your own conclusions, get experience and afterwards be able to apply the learnings in practice in your own business.

The name Serofia is a composition of the two latin words Sero (to sow) and Sophia (wisdom). This is what Serofia aims to do: sow wisdom.

How we work

Consulting, analysis, education

Sometimes you need only part of our offer, for example an analysis or an education. But, usually the three parts are mutually dependant to acheive a lasting result. Without analysis consulting is useless. Without education, no one to carry over the learnings.

Need based consulting

All customer are unique. That is why we always start with finding the existing needs and challenges. We have no “5-step program” which we deliver to all customers regardless of their specific situation.

Much ado about nothing?

Many are the companies that have tried and are trying to implement various ways of increasing efficiency. It may be lean, process reenginering, modularization, value based leadership, supply chain management or other changes and improvements.

Such initiatives often require some form of organizational change, sometimes in a small scale and sometimes in a large. The expected results are often not acheived. Small improvements here and there can be displayed but the break through does not come. Worst case, nothing at all happens. The causes for this vary.

Here is a list of some common challenges that we have encountered through the years when working with change in different organizations and branches:

The key to good results – build lasting change

In our work we use five important building blocks for change. Many of the challenges and failures we have seen in change efforts in different companies can be explained and managed with these building blocks.

With these buildning blocks as a starting point we can help you to find your path from your current state to lasting change. We can support your change implementation, we can assist with evaluations of previous change efforts. We can educate your people. Our approach is supported by academic research.