You have the question - we help you find the answer

Do you want to develop and change your business? Do you need information to make decisions?

We can help you with questions about your branch or business from a competition, organization, process, product or service point of view. The answers help you make informed decisions about how to develop the business, product or service to meet changing demands.

Some examples:

Current situation analysis

We collect data, describe, analyze and visualize. This includes corporate culture, organization, processes etc. This analysis forms the basis of implementing new ways of working.

Product structure analysis

The purpose is to determine the reusability of components across the complete product program. The analysis can include a funcional break down of your products. This analysis can be used as a basis for a decision on developing modular products.

Profitability analysis

Can show customer or product profitability.

Branch analysis

Identify company values

Status analysis

Are you stuck in your change effort? A status analysis can identfy bottle necks, opportunities and challenges.


What is working well? What is working less well? Get in touch and we can talk about our analysis tools!