We can help you and your collegues increase your understanding of complex management and development concepts like modularization, lean and value based leadership.

With our unique education concept based on Action learning you can easily and distinctly compare established ways of working with possible future ways of working. This is done by setting up a test environment where you, in a simplified reality, can test the different concepts.

When you try for yourself and then reflect on what you have done you will not only learn but also rember.

Our goal is that you can do it yourself, after attending one of our seminars!


How can we help you? Get in touch and let’s talk about it!

Standard seminars

We can run standard seminars on Modularization and Lean. We offer several variants.

In most cases you benefit more from the seminars if we adapt them to your specific needs. In that case we use one of our standard seminars as a basis and adapt them so your current issues and concerns get the attention you want.

In all our seminars the motto is “learning by trying”.

Tailored seminars

You have an idea about how you want to work in the future. Serofia can help you to illustrate it in an understandable, inspiring and fun way!

Serofia creates a scenario game which clearly shows the effects of your change initiative. Our concept focuses on showing how you work today and how you will work in the future through the use of tangible tasks. Your team can thereby draw their own conclusions about the pros and cons with the change.

Above all, it gives everybody a chance to understand the purpose of the change effort and make the strengths and weaknesses visible at an early stage. In this way it gives you the possibility to modify certain aspects before to much is invested in the implementation of the change effort.

For example we can set up company specific seminars to illustrate your company’s values.

How is it done in practice?

Serofia creates a seminar to illustrate your change effort. The seminar is typically a one day seminar for a limited number of participants. Your wishes and needs is highly affecting the setup.

Serofia analyzes how you work today and how you want to work in the future. After that we create a scenario where these ways of working can be tested. This will be the foundation for the seminar. In Serofia’s seminars the three components theory, practice and reflection  are all equally important.