We provide several versions of lean seminars. For example lean for production, lean for administration, lean for development. In all of them you get to try out lean methods like Kanban, visual buffers, Andon etc. You will get an understanding for the purpose of the methods and when and how they can be used in different businesses.

Lean is a concept that has been around for some time and is to some extent misused.

Our experience is that it is not lean itself that is wrong, rather how it is applied and implemented


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Lean Production

Many have heard about Kanban, Just-in-time, Kaizen and other management buzz words. Many have also tried to implement these methods in their business. Sometimes with poor results. Our experience is that the lean methods are not to blame but rather how the methods are applied and implemented.
For example, when handling kanban cards, the person must understand the purpose of the cards in order to perform the tasks correctly. Otherwise it will just feel as an adminstrative burden. And the kanban system will fail.

In the seminar Lean Production you will test various lean methods and compare these with other methods to control material and information flow. After testing you will be able to evaluate if this is applicable in your organization. The seminar participants will get a better understanding of different lean methods and their purpose.