We offer several variants of modularization seminars. The variants focus on different perspectives, for example development or sales perspective.

To get a better understanding of modularization in general or how it can be applied in your business we can set up an environment that simulates your specific situation. Modularization tools are then tested to see how that would affect your business.

In this way your team learns not only how to use different modularization tools but can also compare how the business changes due to a modularization strategy.

“The learnings from the seminar gave me an insight in how development and identification of modules can or should be done!”

/Product designer, Construction industry


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Modularization Development

Have you been working with modularization concepts but want to learn more about the latest methods? Do you have new employees that need to get up to speed on modularization?

Then this is the seminar for you!

During this one day seminar you will try different ways to develop products. Discussions and comparisons of different development strategies give insights into how business is affected and what the organization needs to do to support the strategy.

In the theory part of the seminar several modularization methods are presented, including methods to help deciding how to modularize, inpire to new ideas and also how to better fulfill customer needs.

As in all our seminars, focus is on trying out different methods in a simplified case. We are convinced this is the most effective way to learn something you want to remember. Reflection is also a vital part of our seminars, also with the purpose of helping to remember the learnings and gain an understanding of how and when to use the knowledge.

Modularization throughout the company

This seminar deals with the impact of modularization on the whole organization. A company with product development sometimes limits the modularization initiative to only the development department and maybe extended to production.

These questions and others are discussed during thus intense but insightful seminar.